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Wall cladding specialists

Alongside our roofing services, we also specialise in installing wall cladding. Wall cladding refers to the process of covering the exterior walls of a building with materials such as wood, metal, stone or composite materials. Its benefits include enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a structure, providing insulation and offering protection from moisture and other environmental elements, which in turn contribute towards extending its lifespan.  

Wall cladding is a great option for projects where you are looking to improve the appearance of a building, whilst also meeting functional requirements and increasing longevity of your asset. 

What is cladding and why is it used?

External wall cladding is the addition of a secondary layer to the exterior of a wall. The panels can be fixed horizontally or vertically depending on the type of material being used and the desired aesthetic. Cladding has various uses and benefits: 

  • Building safety – some materials provide an effective barrier against fire spread and ensure compliance with building regulations, particularly for high-rise buildings. 
  • Thermal performance – walls lose a lot of heat and cladding can help to retain it.  
  • Sound insulation: Some materials can dull noises coming in from outside. 
  • Protection from the elements – cladding adds an additional layer of protection, making the building less susceptible to damage from moisture and harsh weather conditions. 
  • Reviving a tired exterior – uncleanable concrete, stonework and masonry can be given a new lease of life using cladding. 
  • Hiding less attractive building materials – a building can be designed with cheap but effective materials, like concrete blocks, and then clad in an attractive outer layer to create an aesthetically pleasing, professional facade. 
  • To maintain a consistent appearance – cladding can blend an extension to match the rest of the building, or make a building reflect the aesthetic of its neighbours and local landscape. 

Our core wall cladding services

Our team has many years’ experience installing a range of wall cladding systems and we are proud to use quality materials from industry-leading manufacturers like Euroclad Group. Each cladding system comes with its own unique benefits, and we can advise on the best solution for your project.  

Composite cladding

Composite cladding consists of multi-layer panels, which arrive on the construction site pre-prepared. The panels are mounted on a subframe and are locked together to form a weatherproof seal, with a ventilation gap behind them. Composite cladding comes in a wide range of shapes and styles, each with different thermal properties. 

Rainscreen cladding

As the name suggests, rainscreen cladding is fitted over a wall, or an insulation layer, to protect it against water ingress. Rainscreen cladding is not watertight as it’s important that air can circulate between the layers for ventilation, but it’s designed to stop direct rain, runoff and splashes from reaching the fabric of the building.  

Wall cladding for residential buildings

Cladding brings a host of benefits to large residential buildings, such as apartment blocks, and is particularly important in ensuring compliance with fire safety and building regulations in line with the Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA). We are approved installers of fire-resistant wall cladding systems, and our team is trained to meet the BSA and all other relevant building regulations, giving developers and landlords peace of mind.  

Wall cladding for retail buildings

In retail, appearance is vital if you want to get customers through the door. Many retailers use wall cladding on their stores as it is aesthetically pleasing while providing numerous structural benefits. For large retailers, like Aldi, it’s important that their stores are instantly recognisable, so they use wall cladding to create a consistent building design, which plays a part in their overall brand presence. We are experienced in working with retailers and managing the common challenges they face, such as keeping stores operational while the works take place.  

What our customers have to say...

We instructed CRS to deliver several elements of a new purpose-built pre-school. As with previous works they brought a skilled, knowledgeable team resulting in the efficient implementation of the green roof system and cladding, both of which are of the highest standard. We look forward to working on many future projects together.

John Swinnerton

Commercial Director, John Turner Construction Group

We’re here to help you with your cladding requirements

Our in-house team of experts is experienced in fitting a wide number of cladding solutions and can advise you on which option is best suited to your requirements. Take a look at our projects for examples of our workmanship and our testimonials for client feedback. 

We’re always happy to discuss your project or answer any questions you may have, so get in touch if you’d like to find out more.  


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