Overcladding roof

Sankey Bridge Industrial Estate

Sankey Bridge Industrial Estate consists of typical light industrial warehouse sheds. Warrington Borough Council wanted to make safe the asbestos roof on one of the buildings, while keeping it open so the tenant could continue operating as usual.

Overcladding asbestos

Every year around 5,000 people in the UK die from health issues related to asbestos, which can be present in any building constructed or refurbished before 2000. Asbestos should only be removed by licenced specialists such as CRS, however, removing it is disruptive and hazardous, especially if the material is in a bad condition. In fact, it may be deemed safer to leave asbestos in situ.

At Sankey Bridge, it was decided that the existing 500sqm asbestos roof should be encapsulated and over clad with insulated steel sheeting. This approach would avoid a dangerous removal operation, while allowing the tenant to keep working, and would provide enhanced insulation. Also, the warranty for overcladding was the same for stripping and re-sheeting the building, but at a much-reduced cost.

Health and safety were paramount

Not only did the team have to carefully manage working around the asbestos sheeting, following the Health and Safety at Work Act and HSG33 at all times, but safety netting had to be installed under the roof to protect both CRS operatives and building occupants.


Warrington Borough Council

Project Location

Warrington, Cheshire

Roof Type

Overcladding Asbestos Roof



Overcladding roof
Overcladding roof


A bar and bracket system was first fixed to the existing sheet, with mineral wool insulation inserted over the top. The new 0.7mm plastisol-coated steel sheet was then fixed to the bar and bracket system, sandwiching the insulation in between. The team also applied a liquid-coating to the gutters.

Overcladding roof

Complying with Part L

The UK government is committed to zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, including more energy efficient buildings. One way of driving that ambition is through the Building Regulations.

Part L (Conservation of Fuel & Power) of the Building Regulations sets out the energy efficiency and thermal requirements of a building based on its area, which is calculated using specialist software.

Any roof that is being completely replaced or overclad must comply with Part L so, on projects such as this, we fully brief the client and work with the insulation manufacturer to calculate the thickness of the insulation needed to meet the requirements.


  • Kingspan Benchmark Karrier panel
  • Kingspan Quadcore RW roof sheets
  • Kingspan Dri-Design
  • Custom aluminium powder coated fabrications

Enabling business continuity

Overcladding the existing asbestos roof allowed Warrington Borough Council to ensure the health of its tenant while enabling them to continue their business as usual. The enhanced insulation also ensured the building met Part L of the Building Regulations.

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