Newchurch Primary School

The roof on the school building had come to the end of its life so Complete Roofing Systems was contracted to install a new roof.

The client wanted a more robust covering, which would be fully insulated to help conserve energy and meet Part L of the Building Regulations. A Reinforced Bituminous Membrane (RBM) system from Lancastria Waterproofing was therefore specified as the most appropriate material.


Warrington Borough Council

Project Location


Roof Type

Reinforced Bituminous Membrane




The timber deck had to be stripped back before the new covering could be installed. RBM has traditionally been fixed using gas torches, which can pose a fire risk, so the team followed the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidelines, using adhesives and hot air torches.


  • Endura (Two-layer system made from high quality distilled bitumen)
  • Endura FR mineral cap sheet (Fire-rated to meet BroofT4 fire regulations)
  • System 20 (Vapour Control Layer and underlay on details)

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