Newchurch Primary School

The roof on the school building had come to the end of its life so Complete Roofing Systems was contracted to install a new felt roof.

The client wanted a more robust covering, which would be fully insulated to help conserve energy and meet Part L of the Building Regulations. Therefore, we specified a Reinforced Bituminous Membrane (RBM) system from Lancastria Waterproofing as the most appropriate material.


Warrington Borough Council


Warrington, Cheshire


Reinforced Bituminous Membrane /
Built-Up Felt



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The timber deck had to be stripped back before the new built-up felt covering could be installed. RBM has traditionally been fixed using gas torches, which can pose a fire risk, so our team followed the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidelines, using adhesives and hot air torches.

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  • Endura (Two-layer system made from high quality distilled bitumen)
  • Endura FR mineral cap sheet (Fire-rated to meet BroofT4 fire regulations)
  • System 20 (Vapour Control Layer and underlay on details)

Looking for a long-lasting waterproofing solution? Read about the range of built-up felt systems we install.

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