Hard Rock Hotel

Nestled in the heart of London, a stone’s throw from Marble Arch and Oxford Street, the Hard Rock Hotel boasts around 900 rooms.

Complete Roofing Systems was engaged to install a new, long-lasting roof as the existing covering had reached its end of life, with significant wear and damage to several areas.









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As the hotel’s roof has a complex layout with multiple light wells, plant areas, vertical walls and small roof areas, we specified TOR Coatings Elastaseal Z Embedment Coat, a cold applied liquid coating. This heavy duty coating enables application to roofs with intricate details, while providing durable, long-term protection.

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Our team started by cleaning and preparing the roof surface ready for treatment, followed by installing a new vapour control layer, which manages the transition of moisture vapour and prevents unwanted air leakage.

We then roller applied a layer of TOR Coatings Elastaseal Z Embedment Coat and installed the Elastamat Matting while the coating was still wet. Finally, once cured, we applied another layer of TOR Coatings Elastaseal Z Embedment Coat.

Due to the complex detailing of the roof, the application was carried out in stages over a 12-week programme of works. This required meticulous planning and project management to ensure the project was delivered on time.

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Project challenges

The hotel’s location made the project particularly challenging. As it is situated on a busy street in central London, we were not able to store materials and equipment at ground level. Instead, we used an internal lift to transport materials to the roof and stored them in a designated area on the top floor of the hotel. As the hotel was fully operation throughout the works, we were only able to use the lift at certain times of the day to minimise disruption to the hotel’s staff and guests.

The weather also posed a challenge as liquid coatings can only be applied when it is dry and warm and, of course, the British weather doesn’t always comply.

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A long-lasting roof

Despite these challenges, we delivered the works on time and within budget. The hotel now has a fully waterproofed roof, with a 20-year guarantee.

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