Complete Roofing Systems was engaged to address critical issues with the existing roof at Printworks, the iconic Manchester multi-purpose destination whilst it was undergoing a major refurbishment programme. The primary objective was to make the roof watertight to prevent further damage. Additionally, the project included installing 114 new steel stanchions to support new visual display screens. Each stanchion required multiple site visits during installation, adding another layer of complexity to the project. 

Durable and effective waterproofing

The project utilised Tor Liquid waterproof coatings and new metal cappings for the roof parapet. These materials were chosen for their durability and effectiveness in providing long-term waterproofing solutions. The design ensured that all potential leak points were thoroughly addressed, and the roof’s integrity was maintained despite the additional structural changes. 


John Turner Construction Group & DTZ Investors


Manchester city centre


Cold-applied liquid


Leisure & Hospitality


We delivered exceptional workmanship throughout the project. The team successfully applied the Tor Liquid waterproof coatings across the designated areas of the roof. This meticulous application process ensured the roof was fully watertight. The project also included the installation of new metal cappings on the roof parapet, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the roof structure. 

A warranty for the Tor coverings also ensures the client feels confident about the long-term reliability of the waterproofing solution. 

Project challenges and solutions

One of the most significant challenges we faced during the project was the adverse weather conditions. Persistent rain and wind complicated the application of the liquid coatings, causing delays and requiring meticulous planning to ensure quality was not compromised. Despite the inclement weather we demonstrated resilience and commitment to quality, ensuring the project was completed to the client’s satisfaction. 

Additionally, the tight working spaces presented logistical difficulties. Our installation team had to navigate these confined areas carefully, often requiring innovative approaches to complete the work safely and efficiently. Our team’s expertise and adaptability were crucial in overcoming these obstacles. 

Printworks refurbishment greets famous faces

Printworks’ refurbishment project has taken social media by storm, with many catching their first glimpse of the magnificent 900m² digital ceiling, the largest of its kind in Europe, on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. The impressive £22M investment is part of the venue’s plan to become internationally known as a “pioneering, round-the-clock entertainment destination”. Soon after installation the venue played host to the world premiere of 99, a documentary series about Manchester United’s historic 1999 Treble win. On the evening, the likes of David Beckham and the class of 99 walked under images of the treble winning campaign projected from the new digital ceiling.  

We were proud to be part of this transformative project, delivering both structural and roofing works. The success of this project showcases our ability to handle complex, high-profile projects and contributes to Printworks’ vision of becoming a premier entertainment destination. 

Client satisfaction

The project was successfully completed by applying the liquid coatings to the specified areas, effectively meeting the client’s objectives. The roof is now watertight, eliminating previous leaks and protecting the building’s interior from water damage. The steel stanchions were installed as required, with the roofing work accommodating these structural additions seamlessly. 

Overall, the project exemplified our ability to deliver high-quality roofing solutions under challenging conditions, reinforcing our reputation for reliability and expertise in the roofing industry. 

At CRS, we are experienced in applying all types of cold-applied liquid roof systems and can advise on the most suitable solution to meet your requirements. Get in touch with our team if you’d like to discuss liquid roofing solutions. 

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