Stockport Grammar School

As part of Stockport Grammar School’s plans to provide its pre-reception class with a dedicated educational space, Complete Roofing Systems was engaged to deliver several elements of a new purpose-built pre-school. 

Having collaborated with leading manufacturer, Bauder Flat Roofs, on several projects, we were recommended to install a Bauder Reinforced Bituminous Membrane (RBM) and green roof system, as well as rainscreen cladding.

A biodiverse environment

Creating a space that links the inside and outside to enable the children to fully embrace outdoor learning was a key objective for the school. The building was designed with large bi-fold doors and is nestled in a beautifully landscaped space, with diverse natural environments to aid sensory learning.  

In keeping with this approach, a living green roof was specified. Green roofs serve many purposes, including absorbing rainwater, reducing carbon emissions and air pollution, providing insulation, creating a habitat for wildlife and improving wellbeing through biophilic design. 


John Turner Construction Group

Project Location

Stockport, Greater Manchester

Roof Type

Built-Up Felt, Green Roof & Cladding




  • Bauderflex system, containing the following layers: Bauder TEC KSD mica S/A AVCL, Bauder TEC Sprint DUO S/A Underlayer, Bauder AP2 Green T/O Capping Sheet/Root protection and Bauder PIR FA-TE Insulation 
  • Bauder XF301 sedum blanket 
  • Dekton® rainscreen cladding  
  • RHEINZINK flashings, gutters and window jambs 

First phase of workmanship

After installing a vapour control layer, insulation and a torch-on felt system, our team laid the sedum vegetation blanket. Sedum is a lightweight, yet durable, green roof covering that helps to manage rainwater drainage by absorbing high levels of rainfall.  

As we installed the green roof at the height of summer, we fitted a sprinkler system to hydrate the sedum and monitored its progress over the first three months. Following this process, the vegetation blossomed into a healthy green roof, which will retain itself with very little maintenance. 


Finishing touches

Returning a few months later to deliver the second phase of the project, our team installed Dekton danae rainscreen cladding, RHEINZINK flashings, gutters and window jambs, aluminium cappings and aluminium powder coated fascias.

The installation of the cladding was challenging as Dekton specifies a 6mm joint between pieces, which requires extreme care and precision, and is particularly difficult when working with such heavy materials. The hard work paid off, however, as the engineered stone provides a stunning finish to the building. 


Dedicated space to learn

Stockport Grammar School’s youngest pupils moved into their new building in spring 2021 and we’re told they’re delighted with the facilities!  

With Bauder’s robust guarantee on the roof, the school’s current and future early learners will enjoy a fantastic building in which to learn, with an eco-friendly, biodiverse environment on the roof.

Learn more about the green roof systems we install.

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