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Aldi Old Street

Complete Roofing Systems was delighted to be re-engaged by Aldi to deliver roofing works on one of their new stores. Located in the fashionable Shoreditch district of London, we carried out repairs to the building’s existing roof and installed a new blue green roofing system.

A considered design

Due to its location on a busy high street and the proximity of three high-rise apartment blocks that overlook the building and roof, Aldi’s new supermarket was designed sympathetically to ensure it blends in with its surroundings and provides the neighbouring residents with a visually appealing view of the roof.

In addition to this, the architects had to consider the infrastructure of the immediate area when designing the roof, namely the restrictions on the level of water that can be managed by the underground waterpipes on Old Street. Therefore, they specified a blue green roof, which combines blue and green roof technologies to aid stormwater management and is, of course, simultaneously aesthetically pleasing for the residents.


Firstly, we repaired the existing liquid roof and laid paving stones on top to create a terrace area, which is accessed by the local residents. A new steel frame structure was erected to the front of the building to support the blue green roof.

We designed a bespoke upper fascia with a standing seam effect in line with the architect’s specification to ensure the aesthetic was in keeping with the existing immediate high street façade. We then used a Euroclad Vieo traditional standing seam on the vertical elevations, which were not seen from the high street. This allowed us to curve and taper the seam, achieving a unique design.

Creating a sustainable roof

For the blue green roof, we used a Protan BlueProof system together with a SkyGarden wildflower sedum system – the latter was chosen as it’s particularly attractive when established. SkyGarden also provided a temporary irrigation system, which we installed to aid the bedding in period of the wildflower sedum blanket as the roof was installed during the summer months when it is often too dry to naturally cultivate a new green roof. The system was removed after six months as, at this point, the green roof should be able to survive through rainwater and regular maintenance.



Project Location

Old Street, London

Roof Type

Blue Green Roof



What is a blue roof?

A blue roof is a sustainable drainage method designed to retain and gradually release rainwater on a flat roof. The roof can be implemented as a standalone system above the waterproofing element of a roof or used in combination with a green roof. It is an effective measure to ensure that a roof is additionally protected against large volumes of rain over a certain time – a concept often referred to as stormwater management.

Project challenges

The location was the primary challenge we faced. Deep pavements before the road meant cranes couldn’t be placed on the surface due to high pedestrian footfall on the high street. A basement below also prevented us from using heavy machinery due to weight restrictions. Instead, we used lighter machinery and smaller 25kg sacks to gradually load materials onto the roof, which was more time and labour intensive. Despite this challenge, we delivered the project on time and budget.


The result is a visually appealing, biodiverse roof, which aids stormwater management and can be enjoyed by neighbouring residents. Blue green roofs have additional benefits, including reducing carbon dioxide and roof temperature, boosting thermal performance and improving air quality. A wildlife habitat has also been created with several bees taking up residence within a short period of time.

We’re always proud to support progressive, blue-chip companies, such as Aldi, in creating sustainable infrastructure and helping them to meet their ESG targets.

Want to learn more about stormwater management and the difference between blue and green roofs? Dr. Anna Zakrisson explains.

Image credit (Aldi images): Paul Waller

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